The pickle that started it all! 
​An Old World Recipe that offers the great taste of both garlic and dill. These bite sized pickle chips offer a crisp crunch with a cool, smooth garlic after taste that is subtle rather than overpowering. Our bite size product offers the perfect accent to that sandwich you’re making for your lunch, or that flame grilled cheese burger that needs a big Boom!
Garlic Dill Pickles
"Ol' Fashioned Steamer" Hot Dills
This pickle brings out the sweeter side of all of us. Made from the sweetest ingredients on earth, our Sweet Bread and Butter pickle offers an alternative to our Garlic Dill Pickle. Bite size with our distinctive crisp Susie Cuke crunch, this sweet pickle is a great accent to your lunch, burger, and hot dog.
Sweet Bread and Butter Pickles
Susie Cuke's Pickle Co. ~ Est. 2011
Inspired by famed Local 6 Ironworker Michael "Steamer" Gzyl Sr.  The Ol' Fashioned Steamer gives you the flavors of our original garlic dill pickle with a spicy non overpowering heat.  This hot pickle will sure to be the hit at the picnic this summer!

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