About Us
Built from the ground up, Susie Cuke’s Pickle Co. was created in 2011 but history doesn’t just begin there. Our roots extend 100 years back in a little village in Poland. Over the boat with a pit stop at Ellis Island, we developed our recipe and distinct crunch with the help of our friend’s taste buds.

After seeing so much favorable feedback from friends, family, business and food contests alike, Michael Gzyl Jr. launched Susie Cuke’s Pickle Co. as an official business. Currently, we are a seasonal company that operates from June until November at farmer’s markets in the Western New York area.

Sole purpose is to bring you a gourmet pickle with both taste and quality from our Old World Family recipe. Our bite size product is hands down the best tasting and mouthwatering out there.

​​Don’t believe us? Then try us. We won’t disappoint.  We guarantee it!

Saturdays 8 am - 1 pm : Elmwood-Bidwell farmer's market
Where to find us...
Saturdays 8 am - 1 pm : Hamburg farmer's market
Susie Cuke's Pickle Co. ~ Est. 2011